International Seminar “Integrated Agrarian, Land and Spatial Planning Policies For Sustainable Development”

The National Land College has conducted International Seminar activities with the theme “Integrated Agrarian, Land and Spatial Planning Policies For Sustainable Development”. This activity was held in the National Land High School Hall on Thursday to Friday, 19-20 September 2019. The seminar was opened by Arie Yuriwin Director General of Land Procurement of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency. The seminar was attended by Mr. Ryuji Yamasaki from JICA Expert on Urban Redemption in Japan. The seminar starts at 08.00 am and ends at 16.30 pm.

Discussion of agrarian arrangements, land administration, and spatial planning must be seen as integrated entities and cannot be separated from one another. In the traditional sense, land administration has the function of providing land data for taxation purposes, but in a broad context, recent developments refer to the establishment of a land administration system that includes broader functions such as supporting economic development, environmental management, and social stability and justice. In this condition, the need for an integrated land administration system, which includes aspects of agrarian regulation and spatial planning, cannot be avoided. In addition, land information systems can be used as instruments to achieve sustainable development, by providing spatial data and information attributes to provide spatial planning, development strategies and other spatial-based decision making.

The purpose of this seminar is:

1. To communicate innovative ideas, research, findings or critical thinking from related topics among experts, academics, researchers and practitioners.

2. To gather knowledge and information about related topics that are useful for decision makers to develop policies and programs.

3. To build networks among stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international levels in the context of agrarian, land and spatial planning.


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